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Artist • Writer • Producer


Independent artist?  What does this even mean?



To rural-Oregon based artist, writer, and producer Nate Roos, after early regional band success in the country music scene, this meant leaving the music business behind to pursue a different means to raise his family, and over time develop his own recording studio and label in order to approach writing and record production his own way, on his own terms—without being a slave to gatekeepers and the forces of art-monetization.  



To make matters more challenging, he wanted all-organic classic analog sounds, real instruments, and live performances captured in a real room—no computer music allowed.  He also wanted to write, perform, engineer, produce, and mix the project himself.  Obviously not a small or short-term ambition.



Through many challenging seasons of life, this vision was finally realized.  In 2019 he formed Hypothesis Records, gave himself a deadline, and went into his studio “The Castle House” to develop his concept project under the artist name “Roos Rooster”.  The name is based on Nate’s two lifelong nicknames, tying to layered themes of universal interdependent opposites found throughout the debut multi-volume album titled “Do Be”.  



The thought-provoking writing and art designs in Do Be are the result of Nate’s lifelong obsession with the idea of “Truth”, and his ongoing existential grappling with the internal and external tension over conflicting ideas and claims.  The first release, “Vol. 1 Lost in Found”, introduces listeners to Roos Rooster’s organic sound, blending country/western, rock, progressive metal, funk, soul, blues, and other influences.  



The process was captured, and the story “Behind The Record” will begin to be told soon along with new mix/masters of Volume I, new art, and actual studio performance footage.  Who knows, maybe even something to do with Volume II?...   





Vocals: Nate Roos 

Guitars/Bass: Nate Roos 

Piano/B3 Organ: Nate Roos

Drums: Landen Mattson 



Producer: Nate Roos 

Recording engineer: Nate Roos 

Mix engineer: Nate Roos 

Recorded and mixed at The Castle House 

Mastering engineer: Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering 



Art designs: Nate Roos

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