Artist • Writer • Producer


Country? Rock?


Do You.


But aren't you supposed to pick a side?


Be You.


It's been a long road to here, my friends. Lots of ground to cover, so let’s take this slow. For now, I’ll let the work make the introduction. Lost in Found is the first Volume from the debut Roos Rooster multi-album project, Do Be. ​


No gatekeepers, no labels. I wrote the songs and birthed the art. Organic. Real instruments. I played 'em all, except the drums (nice work, Landen!). Homegrown. I produced and mixed the album in a studio I built and battled to keep and develop and learn over years.


It's been a long climb, but it looks like it's time to focus on my own art - and start sharing - and that feels real good. If my work resonates with you, let me know! I look forward to meeting you - let's get this show on the road!...